Who wrote this this website, and why.

I , Raphael Schmid am a friend of Nelson Cardoso. The texts, the programing and the majority of photographs are done by me.
Art is there to be felt, and I personally greatly enjoy to be around the works of Nelson Cardoso.
The whole site is somewhat weighted around my personal taste, of course. Other authors would have probably shown more stone sculptures or his best-selling cat series.

While other authors stress out a lot Cardosos tropical origins, I think this is somehow misleading. It puts his work in a context which is very vulnerable of prejudices. I try to isolate the pieces and let them speak for themselves. Of course, my white-cube approach is also vulnerable to prejudices.

I have written a few art documentations and critics before; as you can see I am no friend of fluff art description at all.
I describe, you feel.

I have no commercial intrest in Nelsons works. The representing Gallery and great friend Zambeze Almeida had no say in this site. (and she probably wouldn't agree with some statements )